How Haydrator Works

Haydrator is a semi-automated hay soaker designed to soak and drain bales of hay.

The pneumatically powered Haydrator is controlled using a joystick to operate the grapple, lift and swing functions. This robust design assures simple, trouble free and intuitive operation.

Haydrator Machine - Hay Soaking System

Step 1

The operator manually positions two dry bales on a staging table. Using the joystick control the dry bales are lowered into the tank. After activating a timer switch the automated soaking process will keep the bale immersed for the predetermined amount of time.

Step 2

The machine holds the bales submerged for a predetermined interval, usually 10 minutes. It then automatically lifts the heavy wet bales out of the tank and holds them over it to drain. After a chosen drain period, a signal lamp lights to notify the operator that the draining is complete.

Step 3

To complete the cycle, the operator uses the joystick to swing the bales over a cart, then lower and release them. Additional dry bales may then be placed on the staging table to begin the process again.

You can complete approximately four cycles in an hour (depending on chosen soak and drain times), allowing for the soaking of approximately 8 bales per hour.